Mark Krypel

Painting Supervisor

Mark has been with COR Property Services for over eight years. He is a professional painter possessing a mastery unique skill set and proficient mastery of his trade giving him expertise and applying any type of wall finishing. With over twenty years of painting experience he keeps COR’s centers and office spaces looking great. The opening of Iron Pier Apartments at The Syracuse Inner Harbor has provided ample opportunity to utilize his building maintenance skills. Mark helps with the routine upkeep, and services needed for apartment turn overs for new residents. He is responsible for overseeing the physical management of the property, including routine maintenance and emergency repairs. This includes performing preventative property maintenance to keep the property functioning in top condition. He always strives to keep our Iron Pier residents happy and attract new residents. During the summer he also responsible for overseeing the parking lot striping and asphalt repair at all of COR’s properties. Mark takes pride in his work and is always enthusiastic and dedicated to the well being of others. He is someone COR can always count on! In the warm weather he enjoys camping with his family and playing golf.