Company Founders

Welcome to COR Development Company, L.L.C.

COR Development Company, LLC is a full-service real estate development company founded in 1998 by Jeffrey, L. Aiello, Louis P. Aiello, Steven F. Aiello, Joseph B. Gerardi and Paul G. Joynt. Since its inception, COR has developed, constructed and managed a vast portfolio of commercial and residential space contributing to the upstate New York economy. COR, from the Latin meaning of heart or inspiration, genuine, courage – denotes our company values.

Currently under direction of Chief Executive Officer Catherine Keib Johnson, COR is a full-service real estate development and management company employing dedicated men and women across upstate New York. COR’s projects are completed with the expertise of its in-house architects, designers, attorneys, leasing representatives, and construction management and property management teams.  Our talented staff enables COR to complete first-class projects economically and expeditiously.

COR has developed complex and multi-faceted projects such as office, retail, commercial, industrial, high-tech facilities, mixed-use residential apartments, and affordable housing.  Currently, COR is focused on transforming the Syracuse Inner Harbor from an abandoned historical industrial site into a vibrant waterfront neighborhood.

In addition to real estate property development, COR offers construction management and property management services. COR Construction Management Company, LLC provides construction management services to third parties to accommodate expansion, redevelopment, and renovation needs.  COR Property Services provides property management services across COR’s extensive portfolio, as well as third party property owners.

COR Development Company has the ability to bring any project into fruition with exceptional responsiveness, competitive pricing and an unmatched commitment to excellence.